Warming Your Home With A Space Heater

space heaterThere are certain points in the year when the climate condition pushes down the level of temperature. When the temperature is low, people find it difficult to walk and move because their body slows down as a result of adapting to the condition. Low temperature also puts the human body in an uncomfortable condition since body processes cannot normally function well. Because of these phenomena, experts developed heaters that can help people cope and function normally even the temperature is very low.

Basically, a space heater is a device that can be used to increase the temperature in a particular area. This device is designed to heat a limited space only, as opposed to a central heater which is designed to distribute heat to different connected areas all at the same time. Among all types of heaters, experts suggest the use of electric heaters since this is safer as compared to propane or natural gas heaters. Electric models are more efficient since it converts the entire energy to heat as compared to those powered by oil or natural gas. They are also less costly and safer. Depending on the intended use, people can choose between portable and fixed heaters.

There are two technologies that are commonly used in the production of heaters: the radiation technology and convection technology. Heaters which utilize the radiation technology are mainly powered up by halogen which is made up of tungsten filaments. The filaments are packed in quartz envelopes and are placed ahead of the metal reflector. Radiation heaters often generate and transfer heat through reflecting it to the infrared spectrum. According to studies, radiation heaters effectively convert 86% of the generated power to radiated heat.

Radiation heaters are preferred by users because it does not require air heating before it can warm up the space. Instead, the radiated heat is directly absorbed by human skin and clothes. Radiated heat helps people feel warm faster. Radiation heaters are recommended for outdoor locations and areas which do not have good insulation. However, people should take significant precaution when using this type of heater. Because of their design, there are reports that this type of heater has accidentally ignited proximate items because of the direct intensity of radiated heat.

On the other hand, convection heaters use heating objects (such as oil, wire, electricity, fire and fan) in order to transfer heat airborne directly. The heat which has already diffused in the air is what makes the people feel warmer. This type of heater is perfect for areas which have good insulation condition. This type of heater is also appropriate for rooms which house several people all at the same time. Of the two types, convection heaters are considered to be the safer model because of its design.

Experts suggest that the living room, dining room and kitchen are best areas to place the heater. This is due to the fact that these areas are the places where most members of the family frequently visit. Heaters should be always placed in these places to allow house members and guests to entertain, relax and enjoy without worrying about being cold.

There are different factors that people should consider that would enable them to choose the heater that is appropriate for their needs. Users should choose heater models that have a sturdy base that will not topple easily. They should also choose models which have thermostat controller and an automatic shutoff mechanism when the preferred temperature is already reached. For precautionary measures, they should also choose models which have automatic shutoff when overheating occurs. They should also look into fans and ensure that they are not overly loud when used.

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